Information on Existing Canadian Class Action Lawsuits

June 8, 2009

Are you thinking of starting a Canadian Class Action Lawsuit or wondering if a Class Action is underway that affects your interests?  If so the first place you should turn is the Canadian Bar Association’s National Class Action Database.

This is a wonderful resource that  ‘is designed to give lawyers and the public easy access to court documents submitted with regard to class action lawsuits currently underway across the country.‘.

Once you enter this database you can search filed Class Actions (pre and post certification) in Canada.  This database not only contains class action lawsuits arranged by date of filing and Province of filing, but also contains a summary of each purported class and has PDF copies of the initiating court documents.

While this is a voluntary initiative, many jurisdictions require class actions to be reported to this national database.  The Honourable Chief Justice Brenner of the BC Supreme Court gave a Practice Direction in December, 2006 requiring the following:

within 10 days of service or filing, whichever is earlier, a copy of any:

1.  originating process; or

2.  notice of motion for certification (not including affidavits in support); or

3.  amendments to the foregoing

must be sent electronically to the National Class Action Database of the Canadian Bar Association…

Assuming that BC Lawyers comply with this Practice Direction the Database should contain very timely information of all BC Class Action Lawsuits.  For this reason the CBA’s database is great resource and recommended starting point for anyone considering a class action lawsuit in Canada.


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